Gold Plated Jewellery vs. Gold Vermeil vs. Gold Filled- Which is better?

Gold is always the first love of any woman. It enhances the personality of a woman and makes her style statement iconic. Despite that, Gold is the best source of investment. Thus, it is essential for buyers to know the real difference between Gold plated, gold vermeil, and Gold filled. 


Many potential gold buyers assume that there is not a huge difference between gold vermeil, Gold filled, and Gold plated. But in reality, it is. These are the different gold categories. 


Of course, each gold type has a gold layer on its surface, and indeed its makes each gold type more treasured and durable. However, when it comes to modern Jewellery designs, you should be clear about what kind of investment you are making.  


So, this article will help you out of the confusion. 


What does Gold Plated Jewellery mean?


Gold Plated is not a bar of real gold, but it uses a thin layer of Gold on the surface. Its base is made of brass, copper, and low-end metal. With that said, Gold plated can be valuable and durable if it uses 20-22K gold or a thick layer of Gold. 


What does Gold Vermeil Jewellery mean?


Gold Vermeil is also not a pure form of Gold. It is known as Silver Gilt that refers to pure silver, and is coated with a thin layer of Gold. In other words, Vermeil is silver which is gilded with Gold. Nowadays, most jewellery is available on Vermeil as it is created by electroplating (i.e., converting silver with Gold). 


If you want to check the true gold vermeil, check the piece if it is completing certain requirements. For instance, check the piece of Gold they have used in jewellery. It should be 2.5microns or at least 10K higher. 


What does Gold Filled Jewellery mean?


Unlike Gold Vermeil and Gold plated, Gold filled can be a pure form of Gold and used a thick layer of Gold on all jewellery. It is 100% thick and creates a big difference between other jewellery and Ethical diamond jewellery. Also, Gold filled jewellery is strong and durable. However, it is still difficult to make the difference between real and Gold filled jewellery.


For complete clarification, let us check the real difference between all three by checking its pros and cons.


Pros of Gold Plated Jewellery


  1. Affordable goods- Gold plated jewellery is less expensive than gold filled and gold vermeil. It mainly ranges you in between INR 350-INR 5000. Thus, it is affordable and can buy easily. More, it is available on custom made jewellery options too. 


  1. Looks real- If someone has less knowledge about gold, they can find gold plated Jewellery like real gold since it is manufactured with care. 


  1. A perfect lightweight jewellery option- If you love to wear gold but cannot wear it since its heaviness, gold plated is the ideal alternative. This can bring the perfect touch to gold and improve your appearance. 


  1. Infinite collection- Gold plated Jewellery is the best option for those who need a change every time in their Jewellery. It has an array of groups and can be used as the perfect option to attend parties.


  1. Durable Jewellery- Like real gold products, you can find Gold plated Jewellery extremely durable and comfortable to wear. The special feature is you can wear a long time without feeling stressed. 


Cons of Gold Plated Jewellery


  1. It will smear- Yes, you read right. The major drawback of gold plated Jewellery is it spreads with time while gold filled items are not. Gold plated Jewellery has a base of copper and silver, making it lightweight and easy to mould. Thus, when it comes to contact with the surface, it tarnishes and eventually transfers into the thin gold layer and looks bad. 


  1. It can be chapped- As you know, it uses a thin layer of gold that is most likely to chipping and flake off. The reason is it is not durable itself. This can easily scratch unless it is alloyed with other metals. 


  1. Cannot wear in water- Another major drawback of wearing gold plated Jewellery is it become discoloured if it stays longer in the water. So, the tip is to enhance the durability of gold plated Jewellery; you need to quit using water while wearing it. 



Pros of Gold Vermeil Jewellery


  1. Lightweight- Vermeil jewellery is lighter than gold and easy to wear. This comes in various varieties, especially with aesthetic and originality appearance. Also, it is less expensive than others. 


  1. Easy to care- vermeil is durable if we manage. However, over time it smears and looks dull in appearance. Thus, to keep them longer, using a sponge can be good.


Cons of Gold Vermeil Jewellery 



  1. Hypoallergic- Vermeil is made of two raw materials: gold and silver. If someone is allergic to these metals, it might cause health issues. 


  1. Less expensive- One of the best benefits of wearing Gold Vermeil is it looks like real gold for those who can't afford the piece of real gold but the cost of silver. 


Pros of Gold filled Jewellery


  1. Provides royal look- Without a doubt, gold-filled Jewellery is easy to maintain and offer soft and easy to care option. Moreover, it provides great shine and preserves gold's beauty last longer. Whenever you wear this, it enhances your look and gives you confidence. 


  1. Can last longer-Unlike gold-plated and gold vermeil, gold-filled jewellery lasts longer and offers you good results. Additionally, there is no risk of smear in water and contact with the surface. 


  1. Solid Jewellery- Gold filled Jewellery is more solid than other gold types, as it uses strong layers of gold and creates an elegant look. 


Cons of Gold filled Jewellery


  1. Expensive- Gold-filled Jewellery is expensive than plated and vermeil. Since it uses extra gold material thus, it cost you higher. It can be affordable for those who have great money in their pockets but less expensive than buying solid gold. 


  1. It can tarnish- Unlike plated and vermeil, gold-filled jewellery may tarnish, as it is alloy. All you have to do is care about it perfectly. 

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you have found the easy details on the difference between Gold filled, Gold plated, and gold vermeil jewellery. So, while shopping, always check the gold type, your budget, and trustworthy dealers that offer Lab grown diamond jewellery and help you come up with the right decision.