"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." ―Oscar Wilde.

Self-love is an eternal journey of discovery, learning new concepts, and unlearning something. When we say eternal, we respect the different definitions of self-love that come with individualistic experiences and emotions. These definitions are not bracketed; they will change as one grows.

The creation of Saru Garg’s “Juñisa” offers a breath of cool air, with the designs philosophy of keeping it bold and cool. Inspired by expressionism and Pop art combined with love for fashion.
To her, providing value is second nature which is delivered through her designs, creating timeless jewellery that is easy to wear, versatile, and can stay with you forever. Nobody is perfect, but everyone is unique and that paves the greatness of the story this is what I know for sure. I dealt with a similar situation a year back. It was a time of self-analysis and encountering my true essence. By accepting the flaws and realising you are both good and bad, by loving and caring for yourself in a healthy way. Realising our imperfections is what makes us unique. Self-love simply means you can give yourself the same kindness that you give to others. This collection is a souvenir of that journey.

The motif in the Self Love collection are the manifestation of all those thoughts and emotions.

The Self Hug Motif: The name of the motif speaks about its essence. The self-hug motif is a symbol of self love and sharing the same essence with everyone around you. The designs are intricately carved, showcasing the feminine beauty.


The Figure Motif: We designed the figure motifs to celebrate body positivity. The imperfections that are not something we should feel insecure about, rather, they add a new definition to our persona.


The whole Self-love collection is a design envisioned out of consciousness, mindfulness and the oath of love oneself to the fullest.


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