About us

Junisa: Ethically Crafted Bespoke Jewellery 
A brand built from uncertain circumstances, we believe in embracing uncertainty in all its chaotic glory.  Trust the pause, embrace the vulnerability, appreciate the magnificence of turning out to be when nothing is sure, anything is possible.  Step out and take the first step towards helping yourself, you’ll soon enough build a strong support system which is self sufficient. 
Let Junisa be the constant reminder that you are never alone and that we care.
We are Experimental
We envision Junisa as a living entity that grows and evolves like every individual put on earth. For us, designing is a process that envelopes everything. Junisa rests on the foundation of experimental designs and will continue to evolve along the way. As self-taught designer, our creations are made with close attention to detail. Our designs are both luxurious and functional, flawlessly made and priced sensibly, so that each piece will turn into your own: made to wear, shared, given, gifted, moreover, worn with pride. All our products are made for the love and the affection for how individuals wear it.
We are Responsible
We also pay special attention to abiding by transparent and ethical sourcing policies alongside using 100% recycled brass. Lab-grown diamonds, which do not require mining and saves water and land from destruction are a huge part of what makes our jewellery ethical. These certified diamonds are grown in Surat and undergo an extensive quality assessment before they make it on any of our pieces. We have been thoughtful not only about the jewellery but all things surrounding the jewellery.
  1. Transparent and ethical sourcing policies 
  2. Commitment to fair wages and fair prices

 We Value Design

We Design Values; Design is a process for us. 

We actively try practice slow fashion and make designs that will hold the trend value for long. There is a thin line between minimalism and maximalism and that is where you will find Junisa. Just the right hint of simple with a dash of extra. Our design inspiration is like mixed emotions, we take inspirations from life situations, from  surroundings and from the things we love, built cohesively. Continually committed to collaboration, equality and inclusivity throughout our brand.
We are growing
The global Demi-fine jewellery Market is growing at a faster pace with significant growth rates over the last couple of years. With an expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 15.3% over the next 5 years, the numbers will reach 276.3 million USD by 2024 from 178.7 million USD in 2021. Online Stores are the most widely used Market Segment by Application taking up about 71% of the global sales. 
The Indian Jewellery market has been been long served by the thought of consumers buying it as a gold investment. Several years later, people are buying jewellery as a Fashion Investment with multiple brands in the region rolling out Gold-Plated Jewellery, Demi-fine Jewellery. 
We are unafraid to admit that when we started off with the concept of Junisa, we felt lost and directionless. Our strategy comprises of becoming industry leaders in Demi-Fine Jewellery Market in India while we constantly expanding into new product lines. Digitalisation has also given us the ability to go global where we cover market segments as: Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. We hope to make Junisa a trailblazer in bringing about a revolution in the jewellery and lifestyle products industry!