Custom Made Jewellery

custom made jewellery
Not all customisations are made equal and we believe its significant for you to comprehend all of it. We love to join forces with our customers to create unique pieces that have an individual significance. 
We are here to assist you with everything, right from taking into account your own style and needs, regardless of whether that is tracking down your first piece or more pieces that function with what you effectively own. 
We are what we like to call, visionary jewellers. All the aspects of our experience adds to the piece to turn it into one of a kind. 
Typically, our Custom made jewellery process looks like: 
  • Consultation appointments can be made via phone or email. We discuss what the client is looking for. We can also set up a live video chat.
  • If you are unsure what you want and need guidance, our team is happy to facilitate the design process.
  • We then take you through the different prices for your piece. Depending on how intricate the design is, sketches or models are made to further cement the details of the design. Pricing and timelines are set and approved.
  • Our skilled artisans and production team start crafting your custom order.
  • During this phase, models are refined for sizing and proportions. The piece then gets cast in metal. These raw castings are inspected for quality to make sure there are no pits or porosity.
  • Pieces are assembled and tested for durability.
  • Emphasis is always placed on making sure the wearer will be comfortable in our jewellery.
  • Stones are carefully hand set and stress tested by our setters.
  • Our polishers smooth the metal to a glossy finish. The piece is examined under magnification to ensure it is finished to our exacting standards.
  • Finally, the piece is delivered
If you would like to get a custom piece made please fill out this form.