About Us


The creation of Saru Garg’s “Juñisa” offers a breath of cool air, with the design philosophy of keeping it bold and chic. Inspired by Expressionism and Pop art combined with love for fashion.

To her, providing value is second nature which is delivered through her designs, creating timeless sterling silver jewellery that is easy to wear, versatile, sustainable, high end, stylish,  affordable and can stay with you forever. Each piece is an extension of her style and unique perspective. Saru envisions to create a brand that is ever growing and holds value in the heart of the community. With her undying love for nature, she promised herself to plant a tree with each order she gets. 

Our pieces are based on the feelings we want to share to express, followed by the trends we can’t resist. Jewellery designed for the simple beauty of our lives and the big moments that define them, worn as an extension of your own personal style. For us, designing is a process that envelopes everything. Our designs are both luxurious and functional, flawlessly made and priced sensibly, so that each piece will turn into your own: made to wear, shared, given, gifted, moreover worn with pride. All our products are made for the love and the affection for how individuals wear it. We are proudly made in India: handcrafted with love in Jaipur.

Crafting our products in brass and sterling silver with 18k gold plating since 2021