Power Animal

Cultures across the world have intense, age-old traditions that have determined a spiritual connection between animals and humans. Knowing your spirit animal can benefit you in several ways. After recognising their spirit animal, people have found great guidance in their life, harnessed strength from them, and even healed. Whether the animal represents strength or sensuousness, meekness or power, each individual can adopt the animal friend that will liberate their temperament and affirm their style.

Spirit animals emanate your traits, you must be well aware of your traits and traits are a part of your evolution and rarely constant. This means your spirit animal, too, may not be constant. You can have several spirit animals throughout your life.

  • Pay close attention to your dreams. Animals in dreams tell a lot, as mentioned here.
  • Take note of animals you are naturally drawn towards.
  • Reflect on your experiences with animals in the past.
  • Check which personalities/traits match with specific animals 


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