Our Materials


Juñisa’s pieces are casted in pure 925 silver before being plated in gold. Creating beautiful, quality jewellery is our passion but we know we can improve the way we make it. Our goal is for 100% of our jewellery to be made using certified recycled silver by the end of 2023 and we're well on track to achieving this. This is made ensured by us and our manufactures. By nature, the jewellery industry recycles most materials due to their high value. There is also very little waste created during our manufacturing process. Any scrap from out casting, goes back into the raw material mix, to be further used in our next piece. 


We’ve made the conscious decision to work only with lab-grown, cultured diamonds, for custom orders. The process involves replicating the way that diamonds are grown in the earth using high technology. They have the same chemical properties as natural diamonds and they are equal in beauty, in fact there are almost none of the imperfections that you find in naturally found diamonds.

Cultured diamonds are kind to humans - conflict free, no child labour, and there is no exposure to the harmful substances that can be found in some diamond mines.

Cultured diamonds are a symbol of innovation as much as they are enduring beauty. They set the scene for future possibilities and a brighter, more ethical and sustainable future.


Gemstone supply and sourcing is a challenging area to regulate. This is why we only buy Gemstone products from partners who are RJC certified or SEDEX audited, representing a commitment to keeping the chain of custody as transparent as possible.


Much like our jewellery our boxes are designed to last a lifetime.. a safe place for you to store your treasure. We’re proud to say that every aspect of our gift boxes and outer-packaging is 100% sustainably sourced, Plastic Free and 100% recyclable.

Custom Made Jewellery

Not all customisations are made equal and we believe its significant for you to comprehend all of it. We love to join forces with our customers to create unique pieces that have an individual significance.We are here to assist you with everything, right from taking into account your own style and needs, regardless of whether that is tracking down your first piece or more pieces that function with what you effectively own. 

Introducing Junisa Jewelry - Where Precision Meets Elegance

At Junisa, we believe in the artistry of precision and the beauty it adds to every piece of jewelry. Our craftsmanship is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional quality that stands the test of time.

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